Moscow Fashion Week dates: Fashion show, designers, fairs and events

Moscow Fashion Week – A city that is not necessarily in the sign of fashion, but still provides a lot of fashion inspiration. The fashion in Russia is different from how we know it from famous fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London and Co. To understand Russian fashion: Pink, large shirt with leopard pattern that is meant to serve as a dress and overlaps with white glitter overknees in combination with a leopard handbag and eye-catching hat. The look is topped off with eye-catching makeup and bright red lipstick and is clearly aimed at the newly rich, Russian generation.

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Moscow Fashion Week

Moscow is a city that not everyone associates with fashion and fashion week. From here on you should forget about fashion cities like Milan, London, Paris, New York & Co. to get involved with exclusive fashion pieces that designers present in Moscow. Russian Fashion Week has everything from mini skirts, fur coats, tight blazers to glitter high heels and the like. The designers pay tribute to Russia’s feminine and exclusive style with their fashion collections.

Map and city at a glance: Moscow

Moscow sets a very individual mark of fashion and inspires with extraordinary designer pieces. The Moscow Fashion Week is becoming increasingly well-known and is already attracting more and more international customers.

Here you have an overview of Moscow, Russia:

Here are the latest dates for Moscow Fashion Week!

Moscow Fashion Week 2022

Russian Fashion Weeks are gaining more and more popularity. Here you can find an overview of the 2022 Fashion Week dates in Moscow, Russia:

  1. Children & Junior Fashion 2022 – 21.02.2022
  2. Collection Premiere Moscow Spring 2022 – 21.02.2022
  3. International Exhibition of Footwear, Accessories & Materials 2022 – 28.02.2022
  4. Le Show Moscow – International Winter Fashion Trade Show 2022 07.06.2022

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