Céline: History, bags, perfumes and haute couture fashion shows

Céline is a French luxury brand that was founded in 1945. Founder Céline Vipiana initially designed children’s shoes until the 1960s, when she produced the first leather bags and accessories, placing herself at the forefront internationally with their high-quality designs. A few years later, the label expanded its repertoire and created sporty collections in Parisian chic. Céline remains true to this fashion style to this day – now under the creative direction of French designer Hedi Slimane. He combines his haute couture designs with Céline’s classic and carefully crafted leather goods. Tip. Find the fashion shows, sneak peeks of the extravagant boutiques and more here: Céline Videos.

History: From children’s shoes to fine leather goods

Parisian fashion house Céline was founded in 1945 and is known worldwide for its haute couture menswear and womenswear. Originally designing exclusive children’s shoes, the label introduced women’s shoes in 1959 and the now iconic leather goods 7 years later. In the 1970s, when the classic woman wore dresses and blouses with skirts, Céline took a revolutionary stand for women’s stylistic emancipation with its “Couture Sportswear” collection. In the years that followed, the casually elegant fashion established itself all over the world. Today, the Céline brand is under the direction of French designer Hedi Slimane, who combines exclusive haute couture designs with the iconic leather goods.

The founding history at a glance:

  • 1945: Foundation of the Céline brand by Céline Vipiana and husband Richard Vipiana
  • 1959: Introduction of ladies’ shoes
  • 1966: Introduction of leather goods
  • 1967: Opening of the first Céline boutique in Paris
  • 1970: Revolutionary “Couture Sportswear” collection
  • 1997: Creative Designer Micheal Kors
  • 2008: Creative Designer Phoene Philo
  • 2018: Creative Designer Hedi Slimane

Women’s fashion: haute couture meets sporty chic

Céline manages the impossible, combining first-class haute couture fashion that can also be worn in everyday life thanks to its sporty chic. Here we present the most popular garments.

Tournon jacket: A timeless classic

The “Tournon Jacket” is a jacket that suits every occasion! Whether for a business meeting or a walk in the park, wearers shine stylishly in the cult jacket. The model has a very masculine cut due to the padded shoulders and the straight shape and is therefore a great contrast to feminine looks. The jacket is now available in different styles, such as high-quality lambskin, Prince de Galles check pattern or in a masculine, checked tweed.

Ready-to-wear: Steet Wear & Cult Status

For the new summer collection, creative director Hedi Slimane transforms the runways of the Louis II stadium in Monaco into a new catwalk and presents the new “ready-to-wear” collection. The location is a perfect match for the new garments, as it reflects the sporty elegance of the Céline brand. Designer Slimane adapts the trends and street styles and combines them with classic garments of the cult brand. For example, he combines casual sports bustiers and caps with the classic Tournon jacket and a high-quality leather bag. With the impressive haute couture fashion shows, the creative director inspires the audience with exclusive “ready-to-wear” outfits.

Exclusive bags: Triomphe, Belt and Tambour

Céline is especially known for their high-quality luxury bags made of calfskin. These are available in different sizes, shapes and patterns.

Triomphe bag: A visual highlight with history

The Triomphe bag is a timeless companion with history. The ‘Triomphe’ name is linked to the ‘L’Arc de Triumph’ in Paris, where founder Céline Vipiana was inspired by the Parisian monument. This straightforward shoulder bag is made from calf leather and has a premium lambskin lining. The iconic Triomphe metal fastening is characteristic of fashion label Céline. However, the bag continues to evolve as the luxury brand does, with shortened shoulder straps and new colours making it a timeless trend bag. Moreover, the bag is now available in different colors and patterns, so that it is quite modern depending on the look and season despite its long existence.

Belt bag: pastel colors and summer style

The fanny pack was designed by former designer Phoebe Philo in the 2000s and has since become a staple in Céline’s repertoire. The handbag is made from grained calf leather, has detachable, adjustable leather straps and is available in several colours. At the moment, soft pastel shades predominate, reflecting the lightness of summer. Alternatively, there are models whose calfskin has a crocodile embossing for an even more refined look. The Belt bag is available in four sizes: Pico, Nano, Micro and Mini. The model is modern and classic at the same time – it can therefore be worn every day for a wide variety of occasions. Not only because of its timeless design but also because of its high quality the Belt Bag is a model that can be worn for years.

Revolutionary: The Tambour Bag

Creative Director Hedi Slimane designed a revolutionary new bag for the Fall/Winter 2020 collection: the Tambour bag. Like all Céline bags, the bag is made from smooth calfskin and topped off with the iconic Triomphe metal clasp. The cylindrical shape is futuristic and a great highlight to any outfit. The bag is available in two sizes and two colours.

Accessories: jewellery and sunglasses

Beautiful accessories round off every outfit and your own style to perfection! Are you still looking for your jewellery highlight? Then let yourself be inspired by Céline’s jewellery and sunglasses collection here.

Large earrings: elegant creoles

A classic that always goes: large hoop earrings that make even the simplest outfit worlds more elegant. These earrings from Celine are characterised by their intertwined shape.

Sunglasses for Parisian chic

Inspired by the French summer Céline designs extraordinary sunglasses in different shapes that flatter every face shape. Whether classic cat-eye, sporty metal sunglasses or modern retro sunglasses in pastel shades, the label offers a wide range of different models. Just like with the other products, Céline attaches great importance to highest quality: The sunglasses are equipped with a lens that protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

Perfumes: unisex fragrances and exceptional boutiques

In 2019, the first Céline Haute Perfumery boutique opened in Paris, delighting with nine exceptional unisex fragrances. Whether for day or evening, each Céline perfume can be worn for different occasions. The creations are traditionally made and inspire with French charm.

Not only the fragrances themselves are an experience for the senses, but also a visit to the Paris boutique. The perfume creations are presented on elegant marble shelves. A sophisticated mirror covering multiplies the perfumes into an endless expanse.

In addition, there are sophisticated perfume cases, so that the high-quality fragrances are protected on the road or when travelling.

Men’s fashion: jackets, caps, sunglasses

The designer not only designs women’s fashion, but also colorful menswear for the summer and gloomy looks for the winter. Let yourself be inspired here. Maybe you will find your favourite piece!

Fashion: Colourful summer – gloomy winter

Men’s fashion from luxury brand Céline is more versatile than ever! In the summer collection, designer Slimane combines winter cardigans with tropical summer clothing. Glam is not to be missed, as men can wear glitter and metallic looks just like women. The hoodies and shirts with animal prints are a little more discreet.

The winter fashion, represented by the “Teen Knight Poem” collection, is reflected in dark colors, lots of leather and eye-catching chain applications. The classic biker jacket in signature calfskin is adorned with silver zips and is a reliable companion in the cold season. For those who are bolder, Slimane designed a sleeveless oversized blouson made from deerskin in khaki. This style is finished with studs and zips to transform your outfit into a statement piece.

Jackets: high quality classic

With a classic masculine cut, the luxury label offers high-quality jackets for men. The models have either two or six buttons and are made of high-quality wool. The typical Prince de Galle check pattern is represented as well as simple plain-coloured models. Depending on the season, exclusive haute couture models are available that represent the current campaigns.

Shoes: fancy sneakers and moccasins

You have your outfit together? Then it’s on to shoes! The Céline range is suitable for every taste: Whether floral, sporty or elegant, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Derbies & moccasins for the business look

Every suit needs an elegant shoe! Céline offers premium derbies and moccasins for men to complete an elegant look. The moccasins are iconic with the Triomphe lettering and have a low block heel. For winter, derbies tend to keep feet warm but don’t take a back seat to moccasins visually. Céline’s ‘Ranger Derby’ is a sporty standout: the outsole has an eye-catching black and white square pattern.

Eliot sneaker: colorful flowers

Céline’s repertoire has a diverse selection of elegant sneakers to offer: High or low sneakers, colorful, monochrome or with pattern. The lace-up shoes are comfortable companions through the day. Just as in the clothing, the shoes also show diversity: the Céline “Eliot lace-up sneaker” stands out with its refreshing floral print.

Architecture of the stores: Céline Maison de Couture

Not only the perfumery boutique in Paris enchants with its extravagant architecture, but all Céline stores worldwide impress with their high-quality design. Characteristic is the refined mirroring, which enlarges the stores into an endless expanse. This sophistication is enhanced by elegant elements in marble, making shopping for luxury items an experience for all the senses. The stores feature sculptural art projects created through collaborations with renowned artists. This collaboration is not only based on the stores, but also on the fashion: with the visual artist and composer Christian Marclay, Céline brings out jackets that are decorated with sequins and rhinestones.

The brand at a glance: Summary

The French luxury brand Céline inspires with first-class fashion and accessories. The products are made of high-quality materials and represent the history of the company. The newer collections are presented through impressive haute couture fashion shows, but the individual garments are “ready-to-wear”. Since 2018, French fashion designer Hedi Slimane has been Céline’s creative director, bringing new verve and diversity to the iconic brand.

The brand’s repertoire includes not only fashion and iconic bags for women, but also sunglasses, accessories and shoes for men and women. Since 2019, nine unisex fragrances have been available, presented in a stunning Parisian boutique.

Céline Videos: Advertising, fashion show and co.

Celine is a French luxury brand that was founded in 1945. Founder Celine Vipiana initially designed children’s shoes until the 1960s, when she produced the first leather bags and accessories, placing herself at the forefront internationally with their high-quality designs. A few years later, the label expanded its repertoire and created sporty collections in Parisian chic. Celine remains true to this fashion style to this day – now under the creative direction of French designer Hedi Slimane. He combines his haute couture designs with Celine’s classic and carefully crafted leather goods.

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